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Like Everywhere, Like Everyone

This is an invitation to take a look at the phenomenon when prospects of investment gentrify the status of a neighbourhood, and its old inhabitants get pushed out. The Užupis area of Vilnius is the most blatant example of this process in Lithuania: predatory city development is upstaging the devaluation of the lower social classes as they quietly retreat to more remote locations.


The creators of Like Everywhere, Like Everyone seek to freeze the present time – to stop over in a courtyard which is as yet untouched by the urbanization processes (23 Filaretų Str., Vilnius), and to study the place right before it disappears. At the moment, the courtyard is being shared by two locals – a representative of the older generation Andrey and a visual artist Augustas Serapinas. The creative team tries to comprehend this contrast and, by proceeding from its documentary platform, constructs a synthetic experience of sound and place. The actors who participate in this project will invite the viewers to pause and look around, to discover the location through the contexts of encounters between people, plants, landscape, architecture and different atmospheres of the area.


The production was created on the young creators' platform BLACK BOX.

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